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REDROCK is a digital production company dedicated to meeting the marketing needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We deliver CLM eDetails, websites, mobile applications and 3D animations. As a Veeva Multichannel CRM Content Partner, we specialise in building content for Veeva CRM.

Content Partner


We have been a Veeva Multichannel CRM Content Partner since 2012.
Our strategy and build teams have delivered hundreds of content projects designed to help Marketing teams maximise the value of Veeva to produce flexible and dynamic sales materials.

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Make all your resources available as iREP presentations, FAST!

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Convert eDetails built for other platforms or as standalone apps.

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Design and build innovative sales materials your reps will love.

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Producing and developing content for eDetailing platforms is what we do best at RedRock. We've been creating customer focused digital sales aids since before printed detail aids went out of fashion. We’re a highly experienced Veeva partner, Agnitio approved partner and Cegidim IM approved developer and are familiar with many other platforms. RedRock is ready to help you get the best results, whatever your chosen platform or to offer guidance if that's a decision you're yet to make. Our robust, flexible and creative presentations are always delivered on time and on budget, which is why we're a preferred digital content partner for agencies and pharmas alike.

We are a Veeva Multichannel CRM Content Partner . We have developed hundreds of solutions specifically designed to help marketing teams maximise the value of Veeva and produce flexible and dynamic sales materials. RedRock built many of the presentations Veeva currenty use worldwide for their customer demos.

RedRock are an official content supplier and Agency partner for the IQVIA Nexus MI Touch CRM platform. We currently develop new content as well as maintaining and updating existing brand campaigns for major pharma companies and their agencies.

Agnitio have been extremely active in developing their overall CRM offering recently. There are many new features and changes at play. We can help guide you through getting the most from Agnitio for your new as well as existing sales materials.

We recommend Mobile Locker to teams that need to get up and running quickly and without major cost barriers. Our relationship with their US based development team affords a unique flexibility that has often enabled development of the platform itself to meet our specific client needs

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Mobile Applications

Whether you want to create a standalone sales presentation, a branded patient download or an iPhone app that keeps decision makers updated - RedRock have done it all. We’ve even built a digital leave behind that put the power to analyse diagnostic data in a doctor's hand. Whatever you have in mind we can help you to build it.

RedRock are fully approved Apple developers for both App store and Enterprise application development.

Redrock are experienced at developing all sorts of applications and stand alone presentations for use on Android devices.

Visualise complex concepts

3D Illustration Animation

3D modelling and animation are the surest way to turn a complex idea, process or operation into a clear and simple visual. We've used them to enhance sales presentations, communicate with customers, train sales forces and bring websites to life.

Responsive design


We deliver outstanding brand websites, online solutions for sales force training, consumer information sites, e-learning, content management, marketing and customer engagement. We've built hundreds of websites over the years and can advise on the most up to date technologies, coding strategies, social integration and content management solutions to guarantee a great result.


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[ REDROCK ] builds eDetails, websites, 3D Animations and mobile applications for Pharmaceutical companies.

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